Developing a powerful website is much more than just design and programming. It takes a well-planned marketing approach to capture your audience. An effective Search Engine Optimization Program can deliver qualified leads to your website within a matter of months and sometimes weeks, and can make your website a thriving marketplace for business.

Through careful research, planning and programming we can develop a strategy that will make finding your website on search engines easy. With this, you can be well on your way to having thousands of qualified potential customers visiting your website daily.

Our SEO Programming Includes:

Website Optimization
  • ALT Tag Use
  • Proper Meta Tag Placement
  • Definitive Keyword Frequency
  • Sitemap Listing with Text Links
  • Current Search Engine Programming Check
  • Quality Text-Based Backlinks
  • Alternative Class C IP Addresses
  • High Page Ranking Backlinks
Search Engine Submission
  • Frequent Search Engine submission to over 40 search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo, and many more.
  • Keyword Listing & Website Listing Every: 3 Months & 6 Months
  • Frequency of Website Page Visits & Keyword Page Views*
Keyword Research
  • Keyword Popularity
  • Alternate Keyword Phrases
  • Local Listings Results
  • Keyword Competition

Our Programs

10 Keywords
  • Website optimized for ten keywords
  • Five keywords to place in top ten listings. Guaranteed
20 Keywords
  • Website optimized for twenty keywords
  • Ten keywords to place in top ten listings. Guaranteed

Search Engine Optimization Case Studies

Sunshine Eye Clinic

When the website was built, it was receiving a small amount of traffic each month. It had little activity past the first page and the client received little to no contact through the website.

The Result

After using the search engine placement program for a few months and implementing a few online strategies to receive prospective customers information, the site increased 2,300% in traffic and now receives visitors information daily.