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A Mobile Website

Did you know not having a mobile or responsive website can affect your ranking and user satisfaction? Make it easy for Google® to rank you and your customers to access your information while on the go with a website that works across all devices.

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Mobile Design for a Mobile World

Over the last decade, cell phone technology has changed most of our lives. We use our cellular devices not only as communication tools for interfacing with people, but also to improve the quality of our lives. Looking for a five star restaurant nearby? Ask Google. Are they open till 9pm? Click to their website. Mobile websites and apps are the hottest item for 2014 – and their use increases exponentially each year.

Global Web Design has an experienced staff of mobile website and app development. From online banking to real estate searches we make browsing the web over the phone quick and easy. We can turn virtually any website into a mobile website or app. Contact us today to learn more.