Custom Programming

A basic website is not enough if you need to give your customers more information about their accounts. If you need some custom website programming to help your users get more information, we can help set that up for you. Our consultants will talk to you about your needs and get you a quote.

Learn How Global Web Design Can Help Your Business!

Custom Web-based Applications

Global Web Design specializes in powerful robust custom web-based applications. Our team of dedicated developers will work with you to develop a strategy to solve data problems and reduce time to complete job tasks. Some key benefits of custom web-based applications are:

  • The application can be customized at any time.
  • Tasks that took hours to complete now only take minutes.
  • Better data management organization means finding information quickly and easily.
  • Safe and secure daily backups of data.
  • Information can be shared securely around the world with multiple users.
  • Applications react quickly and can make smart decisions.
  • The language is open-source so no code is proprietary.
  • You can add new features to the application at any time.

Example One – CRM Application

This application took customer information that was normally stored in a filing cabinet and now made it searchable through a custom web-based application. You can type in a customer name, address, phone number, or account number to find a customer and their contact information. It also stores information about what products or services they purchased.


Example Two – Online Enrollment Application

This application enrolled employees into an insurance program their company offered. The web application collected employee information and health plan selections. It was then sent to the insurance carrier electronically. This eliminated paper usage, prevented errors from hand written entries and saved hundreds of man hours.


Example Three – Property Management Application

This application provided tenants the ability to pay their rent online and the apartment managers to see what units have paid rent. The web application can also manage apartments units, see which units are available for rent, and run several powerful reports about their occupancy.