Health Care

Recently at UT Southwestern Medical Center a father donated his kidney to his son. To keep family members abreast of what was happening in the operating room staffers tweeted the latest news for the patient’s family to read. Aside from it being a huge success and keeping the family informed up to the minute, it also landed the Hospital some major coverage they didn’t expect.

The Result

“By the end of the day, Children’s Twitter followers had increased 370%, 40 interviews were scheduled over the following 9 days and more than 600 stories were garnered with more than 60 million impressions. In addition, 20 people contacted Children’s transplant program to request information about becoming an organ donor.” From: Dallas News

Wine & Entertainment

Gary Varnerchuk recently grew his wine business in a big way using Twitter. His family business saw a demand for rare collectible wines, so Gary rebranded his store and launched a retail website online.

The Result

By 2008 Gary began launching his rare wines on Twitter and grew his family wine business that year from $4 million in sales to $60 million in sales using mostly Twitter to publish his rare wines.